The benefits of doing a pre-tune inspection

Why do we force pre-tune inspections before we calibrate a vehicle?  It is a common question, with varying answers depending on what make and model you have.  Lets start out with what we include with our pre-tune inspections:

  • Smoke test/Pressure test
    • Fills the intake tract with smoke to expose any leaks
  • Compression test in Cylinder #1*
    • Inline 4’s we test all 4
    • V8’s we pull 1 or 2
    • If something adverse is found, we recommend doing full a compression test
  • Inspect spark plug(s)
    • For damage
    • Uneven burning
    • Oil residue
    • Deposits
  • Check oil and coolant levels
  • Visually inspect engine bay components
  • Check DTC’s
  • Inspect exhaust

The inspection is designed to catch most of the issues that will stop or cause issues during calibration.  They don’t always catch every issue, however most are found.  Very often we see:

  • Wrong spark plugs
  • Poorly gapped plugs
  • Worn hoses
  • Oil soaked hoses
  • Torn gaskets
  • Damaged gaskets
  • Worn O-Rings
  • Worn components

This week we have had 2 vehicles that without a pre-tune inspection would have had to stop tuning just as it begun.  They are a great service that we include with all of our tunes.  This helps ensure you get the best result possible.