Domestic tuning in Salt Lake City Utah.  HP Tuner’s based tuning in Utah, FNP Tuned is your source for all your tuning needs.  Get the full extent possible out of your Hp Tuners compatible vehicle.  We utilize a wideband O2 sensor to optimize air fuel ratio’s.  Tune’s can be set up to run various fuel types.  Most commonly I am asked to optimize car’s for premium gasoline (91oct in Utah).  We also set up cars to run on alternative fuels: CNG, E85 and Bio-Diesel.  Turbocharged or Supercharged set ups can also be tuned with ease.  If you have any questions on how to optimize your set up please email, call or text us!

To check if your vehicle is supported please check out “Tunable Vehicles” page.  Generally speaking we can tune any Hp Tuner’s compatable vehicle.  After purchase you will be contacted to set up a time and date for tuning.  Appointments will be set up on a first order first serve basis.  If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email or contact us via the contact page.  Get your HP tuner’s compatible vehicle Tuned at Utah’s FNP Tuned today!

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