E-Tuning FAQ

What is E-Tuning?

E-tuning or Email tuning is calibration of a vehicle remotely.  We modify the calibration of the vehicle to ideally control your car.  This takes into account many things: Fuel type, Elevation, temperature changes, fail-safe conditions and much more.

What Platforms do we E-Tune

Our list is changing and growing constantly.  But you can simply go through our E-Tuning Home, then select your desired tune medium (for example, COBB).  Then your car may or may not be an option under that medium.

Is an E-Tune better than a Canned map?

Yes, an e-tune gets you much more than what Canned or OTS map has to offer.  Some of our features include:

  • Fuel pressure fail-safes
  • Flex-Fuel
  • SD calibration
  • Alternate fuel calibration
  • Water-meth calibration
  • Safety nets added
  • Launch control
  • Flat foot shifting
  • Location specific calibration
  • and much more

Do we sell parts?

Yes, check out our online store at:

What are you shopping for?

We also offer bundles to help you save.  We combine the parts and tuning to maximize drive ability and output.

Do we require a wideband

Not always.  Good parts get good results.  Cheap parts end up costing much more in the long run.  With our extensive experience we can quickly get to the bottom of any issue.  Sometimes if we run into a systemic problem, or something that we need a wideband to completely diagnose, then we will require it.  Poor quality injectors will ALWAYS require a wideband.  This is due to their uneven flow characteristics during linear voltage increases.  Please contact us with vehicle specific questions.

How long does it take?

Well, it can vary greatly.  The better the build, the easier it is to tune.  You will be contacted after your purchase to start the e-tuning process.  Revisions generally take 24 hours, but can be done faster.  Mechanical issues do increase tuning time required.  And in extreme cases if mechanical issues prohibit tuning, or excessively delay it, extra charges maybe incurred.

Why Should I E-Tune over a local company?

Tuning is a very knowledge and experience based field.  Depending on your location, you may have a hard time getting our level of expertise from a nearby shop.  This is where e-tuning shines.  You get all the latest and greatest from a company that lives and breathes ecu calibration.  We take immense pride in our work, and strive every day for improvement.

What happens if I have a mechanical change after the E-tune?

Generally we charge per hour for re-tuning after a mechanical change.  Each situation is specific, so please contact us before you make any changes that require calibration.  If changes are significant the full tune rate applies.

Will we look over data logs from current or older tunes?

Certainly, please email them over.  Checking the running condition of a car is a very smart thing to do.

You don’t need a full tune, is there a cheaper option?

Yes.  We will be offering our canned maps that are a huge improvement over OTS or other canned maps.  These maps will have very set and specific parts required.

What is Feedback Knock

It is a type of immediate correction pulled from the Subaru ECU.  A common misconception is that Feedback knock is always detonation or the car running in a dangerous condition.  Many things can cause Feedback Knock.  The most common that we see is a loose heat shields and intercooler brackets.  Since the sensor is simply looking for a specific frequency, all you need is something at that range to trigger it.

You should be aware of feedback knock, and figure out when and where it’s happening.  Often it’s a repeatable condition.  If you have more questions please contact us.  Logs are very beneficial for determining the validity of the knock.

Do we offer refunds?

Generally speaking no.  We do look at each situation and use our best judgement.

SI Drive Modes


SI drive from Subaru opened up a world of opportunity for tuners.  By introducing calculation into throttle position, we are able to adjust the calculated value to net desired results.  What does this mean for you, the owner?  Here are some features we pack into our SI drive tunes:

  • 3 unique maps per S / I / S#
  • Variable boost based on mode/gear
    • Boost target adjusts
    • WGDC adjusts
    • RPM weighing
  • Throttle ramping per mode
  • All factory protections are left in place

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