FNP Tuned is an EcuTek Master Tuner

FA20DIT WRX  Any Modifications

Starts at 350

05-17 STI Any Modifications

Starts at 350

BRZ/FRS Any Modifications

Starts at 350

06-14 WRX Any Modifications

Starts at 350

3.7l VQ Series Any Modifications

Starts at 350

GTR ECM/TCM Any Modifications

Starts at 600

14+ FXT Any Modifications

Starts at 350

EcuTek Programming Kit

Starts at 320

FNP Tuned is a certified EcuTek Master tuner.  We have lots of experience setting up custom coding via EcuTek’s advanced “Custom Maps”.  The flexibility they allow for, is simply fantastic.  Things like boost control, closed loop fueling on boost, custom traction control, flex-fuel and much more.  We also stock and sell many EcuTek specific parts.  Please contact us with any questions.

EcuTek Credit

300 / per

One of our many customer testimonials:

“Besides being excellent at what you do, you had a lot of patience with the problems I had with this car and all the others. And there were many problems. You really are excellent! I’ve done e-tune with AMR, MAP with Jordan, Phatbotti, BrenTuning, Delicious Tuning and many others. And none of them have the care and attention you have. It’s easy to see your concern that the tune be perfect. And this is rare !!!

People like you deserve all the success and recognition of the world.”