Step 1: Get the gear

Ecutek Cable or EcuTek Connect with Credit(s).  Now that you have picked up the appropriate software and hardware, lets go over installing them onto your computer.

Step 2: Download the EcuTek App Downloader

Go to EcuTek’s site and download the “EcuTek app Downloader”, it looks like this:

Download it here

Step 3: Run the EcuTek App Downloader

Click run program, you may have to install it as an administrator.  Follow the Directions on screen, plugging in your HASP key.  Once it’s installed, move onto Step 4.

Step 4:

With the App Downloader installed and running, you will be prompted to plug in your HASP key and either EcuTek Dongle or EcuTek Connect.  This will pair your equipment to the appropriate EcuTek software.  Finally download the matched software.

Step 5:

Download your tune, and run the EcuTek software.  Plug in both your Hasp key and EcuTek dongle.  At this point you can select the specific ECU you wish to program, or let EcuTek detect it for you.

Step 6:

Upload the tune.  Follow the onscreen directions.  You may need to plug in the test mode connectors.  Once this is complete, move onto logging and the fun part begins!