Flex Fuel 2004 FXT!

We recently had the opportunity to do the first Flex-Fuel SG Forester tune in Utah!  It’s a well built 2004 FXT.  For those wondering how, lets check out COBB’s new older model Subaru Flex-Fuel support:

  • 04+ STi
  • 06-07 WRX

Nothing listed for FXT support!  There is a very neat trick with the 04 FXT, you can swap in an STI ECU (o4 sti).  This allows us to run the car as an “STi”, giving us full flex-fuel control!

Available via COBB Tuning’s Accessport and EcuTek’s RaceRom; stock ECU Flex-Fuel is now an option on the following vehicles:

  • 04+ STi USDM
  • 06+ WRX USDM
  • 05-10 LGT USDM
  • 04-08FXT USDM
  • SADM WRX 06+
  • SADM STi 05+
  • ADM STi’s 03+
  • JDM STi’s 03+
  • 02/03 USDM WRX (with ecu swap)

Some are supported with one platform only, some ecu’s have multiple platform support.  Please contact us if you are wanting to verify specific platform support.