Utah’s FNP Tuned now offers R35 GTR Tuning.  Utah Nissan Dyno Tuning!  We offer state of the art calibration at our own dyno facility.  We currently offer tuning through both EcuTek and Cobb.  If you have questions on which system of engine management would be better suited to your needs, please contact us.  Now what does a fully custom tune from FNP Tuned get you?  Here are some of the features:

  • Full ECU Mapping
  • Flex Fuel tuning
  • Optimization for any fuel type
  • Safety net placement
  • Proprietary over-boost protect (we also run fuel cut)
  • SD Tuning if desired
  • Per gear boost and timing tuning
  • AFR monitoring and safety checks
  • Load cap’s removed
  • Re-scaling of factory sensors
  • Custom Launch Control
  • Logic checks for full requested torque
  • and much more!

The tuning time required to correctly scale in the GTR takes a few hours.  If you have any questions on what parts are required to get the most out of your car, please contact us.  We will get the most out of your car, gains over the OTS maps are amazing!