What is your guess on output?

We have a new incredibly high output local vehicle!  Setting the new bar for output, it’s pertinent modifications are:

  • EFR8374 (T3) 32 PSI on E 92.4
  • IAG Stage 3 + block
  • Built Heads (cams/springs/retainers)
  • Tial EWG
  • ID2000’s
  • COBB Accessport based
    • Flex-Fuel
    • Fuel Pressure Differential
  • 3 Fuel pumps
    • 2 Bosch 044’s
    • Single in tank pump
  • Custom Surge Tank
  • Killer B manifold with custom up-downpipe
  • And much more

For those who want to do the math and figure out the maximum for this turbo and fuel system, the constants are there.  What are you guesses on the output.  Here is some information to help:

  • 32psi of HELD boost
  • Maximum IDC was 98.7% on E 94.2
  • Fuel pressure dropped to 54psi at redline (7800rpms)
  • Correction was 18.4% (13.02 MRP with 55% humidity and temperature of 86-88 average)