Subaru Tuning Utah – WRX, STI, Legacy

Subaru tuning in Utah, WRX tuning, STI tuning and Legacy tuning.  To get the most out of your vehicle look no further.  Salt Lake City’s most reliable and experienced tuner for your Subaru platform.  Road tune pricing is a great value.  And for those looking to extract more from their vehicle go with the Dyno Tune.

With our local tunes we do a smoke test and quick once over prior to tuning.  For further diagnostic work please email us to set up an appointment.  We pride ourselves on amazing customer service and warranty our work against tuning defect.  All tuning work is done by appointment only.  Please visit our FAQ if you have any questions regarding the tuning process.

Multiple maps for different fuel types are also available.  A lot of Salt Lake City locals are now turning to either Water-Meth Injection or E85 as alternatives to just pump gas.  It’s very easy to set up maps to take advantage of this additional octane.  We offer Accessport’s in house, EcuTek and cables in house and tactrix cables.  Depending on the tuning medium, one of these tools will be required to change maps.