Above is the per-gear boost control compensation tables available with the Accessport.

Often we are asked why go with a COBB Accessport on various years and models.  Well, as each yeah and model have different features, and different limitations, we thought we would elaborate on the 02-05WRX, and why you want a SUB-001 Accessport for your car:

  • Full SD Control
  • Launch Control
  • Per Gear Boost Control
  • Ability to adjust Injector Latency Headers
  • Load Cap Eliminiation
  • Advanced Logging
  • Full DTC Control

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COBB also gives us full speed density control.  This gets us around some very limiting load and airflow maximums.  Very handy indeed.  6 or 7 years ago this was one of the most limiting factors on the 02-05WRX platform.  Combine this with COBB’s awesome live tuning, and you have a winning combination.  Contact us today to get set up with your COBB Accessport.

Stage 1 E-Tune

Stage 2 E-Tune

Stage 3+ E-Tune